@cosullivan I had it installed until recently. It's... Chromium. With stuff. BAT is interesting. The concept is interesting.

FWIW, Vivaldi has an exceptional UI with lots of cool ideas, but has that same, "but it's Chromium" feel.

I inherently want to support Brendan Eich's work and free speech efforts... but it just isn't as good as plain ol' Firefox, though after their stunt with Dissenter, I'll be reconsidering Brave again as a primary.

@jeremiah I have Vivaldi and am switching to it being my 2nd browser soon. I'm not updating Google Chromium.

@cosullivan I really do think it is time for the alt-browser projects to rally behind Firefox. In the long-term, the community doesn't have the means to support a fork wildly different from Google's vision -- Chromium is virtually an operating system, and requires a lot of people to support and develop.

@cosullivan why would anyone use an adware browser that depends on google chrome's code?

@zalandocalrissian Someone would if repliers neglected to offer better alternative browsers.

@cosullivan i'll take that as a wonderfully passive-agressive compliment :)

@cosullivan heard some shady stuff about them, Brendan Eich is also a bit... ehh. afaik they replaced some of the ads they blocked with their own or something....
so, just keep that in mind

@cosullivan and ye, it's still running Google's browser engine, soooo, not necessarily the best in the long term

@cosullivan i refuse to even try. Eich still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Their approach to BAT creating "ghost" accounts for creators and displaying ads on their behalf is kinda gross. Especially since "unclaimed" tokens expire after a while. They also have a history of locking creators out of their "earned / unclaimed" BAT for not passing or be willing to pass their KYC.

@thurloat @cosullivan I installed it and didn't even get beyond the initial run and configure looking through the settings.

@cosullivan I've been using it for the past few months. Overall I'm happy with it. I'm curious to see how their ad model works out.

@cosullivan I just installed Brave on my work laptop and so far, I'm loving it. Easily imported my Chrome bookmarks and set it up with a Dark extension. Seems to be fast and clean so far.

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