If you created an account on an established instance, made a proper post with 7 - 9 hashtagged , yet with an active timeline nobody welcomed you, which of the following are you most likely to assume:
A. The timeline is dominated people whose toots are all shitposts or non sequiturs;
B. Your interests are dull and obscure or eclectic

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@cosullivan A for sure. My interests are interesting as Fuuuuuu

@cosullivan obscure & eclectic interests are the bread and butter of the internet. Maybe people missed it. That instance may have weird traffic cycles and drop off at times. Or maybe everyone's an asshole? Whatever the case I couldn't possibly doubt your interests as being interesting.

@tomasino Although the instance where I joined long ago but didn't make an intro post until this weekend is 'open to everyone' and multilingual, it's a nation-themed one where I am among the last to go to bed, time zone wise.

@tomasino You and I have a 'striking' if not sizable overlap in interests. This is not subjective, but an objective truth. I wonder if I have to rise at 3 am to post an status there, or wheedle the admin into telling me what the secret handshake is. I'd have thought being a citizen of a nation that lends its theme to the instance would be enough, but no.

(I updated my mastodon app and it has support for polls now, so now I see polls everywhere)
(Maybe create a poll for your question πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚)

I'd say for A.

@cpj ha thank you! You're posting from that very same instance! I was up at 4 am for a while and thought of logging in to introduce myself to the Maritimers! 😁

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