@cosullivan 1066 comes to mind. What show is this?
Like I need more ways to waste time watching panel shows...

@gemlog "Only Connect." You'd probably stomp all over me in this quiz: it's mostly British content, although once every seven-eight shows I'm yelling at the screen when the connection or sequence is obvious.

@cosullivan Oh no! What have you done to me C?
That's a fascinating show! :-)

@cosullivan Interesting that it doesn't have a single one of the roughly 10 uk comedians I can name that are on every panel show.

@gemlog I should tell you that annually there's a "Only Connect Comic Relief" special where they pit celebrities against each other, including comedians. Sometimes David Mitchell is on one of the teams.

@cosullivan I love David Mitchell.
"Are we the baddies?" Ha ha!
You know the one I think.

@cosullivan I just laughed all over again!
There are a couple of sketches that are good to go about every 6 months and that's one of them.
The Scottish elevator is another.

@cosullivan hang about, I think I have another one...
I have a bit of a twitch... (RTE)


@gemlog @cosullivan
An aside.
On a daily basis I used to drive past the location where the Braveheart (1995) extras would meet for the day's directions. Mel Gibson would often be standing on a box, shouting instructions for the hordes.

When I saw this the first few times it seemed exciting, it soon became an ordinary every day event: "Oh, there's Mel again."

@gemlog @cosullivan
A BTW, on an aside.

There was a 1925 silent movie made called Braveheart. An early production by Cecil B. DeMille. It is the story of a canning company stealing the fishing grounds from a Native American tribe.

Mel Gibson must have been aware of this film, which was released 70 years earlier.


@cosullivan Oh my! It's like 'eleven'. I can watch those vids several times a year and lmao all over again :-)
I have a couple of others as well. Russel Peters has a few youtube.com/watch?v=BwtVkvIMnI
Also Dave Chapelle cracks me up youtube.com/watch?v=mohBHagr8P

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