What are some for playing all the files in a directory that is not the official Music directory? I'm running and have VLC, Rhythmbox, default player and Clementine

@cosullivan if you have vlc you "probably" can call nvlc on the command line for the terminal version. I'd change to the directory you want to play and then:

$ nvlc *.mp3

@cosullivan if you don't mind gui windows, just drop the "n".

$ vlc *.mp3

will launch VLC with a playlist of everything in the current directory that's an mp3

@tomasino i like the UI with the nvlc *.mp3 command. It reminds me of Even better is that the nvlc loops. @dokuja

@cosullivan VLC should have no trouble opening individual audio files no matter where they are.

I guess it depends on what file suffixes you have i n there that you want to play. Music files without any suffix would be a problem, but in general, I'd do something like:
$ mplayer *wav *ogg

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