I could listen to their later stuff until my ears fell off.

@noogles The delayed joy of finding one other Mastodonian twenty months after account creation who shares with me a love of late-period .

That's mutual! Have you ever heard Hollis's solo album from after the split?

@noogles I have. It has a winter-trees Capricornian minimalist bleakness feel to me, I have not listened to it more than twice, owing to a my dangerous tendency to melancholia. I do appreciate Hollis, but I enjoyed 'O'rang more. I tried to enjoy Friese-Greene's Heligoland solo projects but vocally he doesn't have Hollis's soul. I love Hollis's voice most when he sounds like Arthur Lee or Bryan Ferry.

I can't comment on O'Rang or Heligoland as I haven't heard either - must make up for that someday. I know what you mean about Hollis's solo album - desperately mournful in places. As an aside, I wonder if Friese-Green is a descendant of the early cinematographer? Can't be that many people with the same surname...

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