@adamd I feel it is not an accident that the French word 'nuage' (cloud) and 'neige' (snow) are similar.

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@cosullivan @adamd

Funny variation : In quebec the word snow translate to an expression "Marde Blanche"

@martin @cosullivan Sounds like white death? It is to me. :) Not a fan of snow. But I like snowdusk.

@martin Merci. Mon p'ti gars has some new phrases to share in his French class for l'hiver @adamd

@cosullivan @adamd

@adamd The real spelling would be "merde" but we all pronounce it "marde"

We all really love snow around here πŸ˜‚
Also @cosullivan , maybe consider not sharing this in class πŸ˜‚

@martin Haha my son's teacher is very cool and allows swearing in class ONLY if it is French. Vocabulaire est vocabulaire! @adamd

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