Let's play a game, to help some of the newcomers make connections: name subjects and topics that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.


@LeftCoast I like most of your interests and probably should have listed 1/3 of yours as mine: I also like and recognize the need for in my life.

@cosullivan #cyberpunk #asciiart #ruby #zeronet #commandline #tor
had to limit the number of tags in my profile but these could have been there too.

@cosullivan can you guide a new member? I am used to Twitter where I can search for keywords and than follow people that I find useful and than I use lists. I noticed similar functionality here but the search result gave me very few results. For example I tried searching for golang the programming language and barely got anything. Maybe I just don't know the syntax for searching properly?

@orengolan Hello! Thank you for your question, I have three suggestions for finding toots!
1. Search the hashtag .If few results show up, look for toots with a nonzero number (.>0) to the right of a left-arrow (replies) for replies from go lang;
2. Ask a admin ( to add to the Trunk list.
3. Look at search results where has 0 mentions, but a chart-type line. That means earlier toots include . Also some hashtags have typos.

@cosullivan Good Tips. Thank you! I am not sure whta a #Trunk is but when I click on the URL you provided, it ask me to login. I tried logging in using my credentials but it fails.

@orengolan My apologies. go to -- I am not an admin, I thought they'd be listed on that page, or ask @kensanata, whom I absolutely know can add to the page.

@orengolan Few new people put hashtagged interests in their , as hashtags are how interests are found, and a huge part in how Mastodonians connect across the fediverse, I boost them.
If you post a toot asking (in the top languages you know) who here uses or writes about , with "please boost" I and others will indeed boost it for you.

@Albatross clicking on the second icon at the bottom of someone's toot (the quadrangle with the arrows pointing in opposite directions) is boosting a post. Boosting forwards a toot to the booster's followers and fellow instance members if they're watching the local (instance) feed.

@FrozenError If I learn through corrections of any updates to my proposed methods I'll forward them to you:
1. you can follow and be one of people listed in a directory on interests (check Settings)
2. Trunk for the Fediverse categorizes interests and lists accounts by request
3. pinning a toot of your hashtagged interests to the profile and clicking on those on occasion will bring up recent toots, possibly those of newer accounts.


You can pin a hashtag as a column on the web and most mobile apps.


@cosullivan You had me at #Coffee.
Me: #albinism #SocialJustice #popculture
And #interviewing, always interviewing.
My interviews are here and podcasts are here I need to get back into the interviewing, it's one of the highlights of working on DMZ!


You had me at coffee and interviews. :)

Some of the most interesting conversations I've had started that way.


@RussSharek Yeah, me too. I love talking to creative people about their work. I find they usually have great insights and interesting lives as well.



Have you checked out the Avert Your Eyes podcast? It was my quintessential experience of being interviewed by someone so interesting that we both got lost in the ideas for a while.

@RussSharek No I haven't. Link?

Here's a link to me derailing a podcast: *cough* I mean talking enthusiastically about a book and #disability issues so much that the host didn't impose his usual format. 😅


We talked for about three hours on this one hour show, leading the host to eventually just posting the second half of our discussion:

@RussSharek I can feel a d/l coming on: it's great having interesting things to listen to on walks. Lately I've been walking 8 or even 12 km a day and it's great when I have a podcast or audiobook. I've got that url now, all I need is to get organised! Thanks!


I think the interview would be terrific to take on a walk.


I'm listening now. You stole the podcast. Well done. :)

@RussSharek Thank you. IDK if very many have listened but I'm passionate about disability issues (you may have noticed) and I love that book for the titular character's heroic journey.


I also learned a lot of interesting things about your disability that I didn't know. Thank you for so passionately sharing.

@RussSharek You're welcome. I hope I didn't talk too much about my disability and focused more on disability issues in general.


I think you struck a good balance, plus speaking from your own experience about the broader topic seems more authentic to me.


The pleasure is mine, check your keybase - I left you some fun to play and experiment with.

@cosullivan there is no mention of snailmail anywhere else i suppose

@abhishek Maybe your instance federates with different instances? A user in uses the term.

If you rewrite your to include five to seven hashtagged interests, or as many as you like, I will boost it.

I am periodically let down by how few people share my hashtagged interests like , but not every instance admin or soi-disant 'helpful guide' tells new users that # prefixing a term is the only way that term will be findable.

I agree with almost all your tags, except perhaps ADHD and LCHF.
"to help some of the newcomers make connections" I' m now following you. 🙂

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