@luke So while you are driving you are debating the writing of a Soap Opera based in space that started back at the end of the last Century. Maybe you should contact George and let him know how wrong him and his writers was about the fiction they wrote. Very good job you did get me to click.

@derek IMHO one should just replace GNOME with a tiling window manager. You have to customize your desktop anyway.

@luke Hi Luke have you read anything by Dr. Michael Heiser or watched any of his videos?

Today I changed the password on both my laptop and my password manager tool.

What could go wrong?

@dvl @LeJax Oh you made it accessible for those that are blind and want to use your system. Nice.πŸ˜€

On this cool #DestinationLinux
#podcast 244! πŸ˜‚πŸ§πŸ§

Replacing all your most used online services, from email to social media, with more privacy focused solutions!🐧

And a new smartwatch for pentesters!

+ our #Linux tips, tricks, and software picks!


@mike @PINE64 Ditto and I also need to work to get my books from those anti-freedom systems

@luke Hey it's nice to see you are checking out a BSD. OpenBSD is not a bad choice. Really I am posting this comment to see if I can post to peertube from mastodon.

BSD Now 408: FreeBSD DevSummit 2021

No pun this time; the episode covers the title exactly - plus more recent headlines.


@derek IMHO you should write everything in LaTeX that way for those that are text challenged can use a WYSIWYG LaTeX editor. There are several out there for all platforms. I agree we certainly need to get away from all these stupid binary and proprietary formats if for no other reason that to be able to properly share documents with each other. At work I write my docs in LaTeX and covert them to pdf for those folks trapped in windows land.

@rob @derek Maybe you should have had awk write the output in LaTeX and compile it to a pdf that way could show the square root symbol πŸ˜€

@derek I'm glad you did this on Awk. I know everyone for some reason like sed. However I have always like AWK much more since it's similar to other languages I have used and use today. AWK complements C pretty good howver I have also been enjoying lua and think lua is a better drop in replacement for both awk and sed then again I guess one could say the same about python or any other scripting langague that can run from the console. I guess it really comes down to preference.

The latest addition to my #FreeBSD #nagios monitoring.

Are all installed packages available for reinstall?

orphans=$(pkg version -vRL= | grep orphaned)
if [ -z "$orphans" ]
echo "All packages are in the upstream repo"
exit 0
echo $orphans
exit 2

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