@derek IMHO you should write everything in LaTeX that way for those that are text challenged can use a WYSIWYG LaTeX editor. There are several out there for all platforms. I agree we certainly need to get away from all these stupid binary and proprietary formats if for no other reason that to be able to properly share documents with each other. At work I write my docs in LaTeX and covert them to pdf for those folks trapped in windows land.

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@codingcowboy @derek

I've been meaning to learn Latex, never got around to it.

Do you know some good resources to learn it ?

@codingcowboy I use LaTeX all the time for scientific/mathematic word creation, but its WYSIWYG nature has some serious limits in terms of graphic layout and styling. It is a good choice, but not a universally applicable one.

@codingcowboy i usually do the same but with Markdown, I haven't yet taken my time to also learn LaTeX, also MD seema faster to type

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