Today I changed the password on both my laptop and my password manager tool.

What could go wrong?

On this cool #DestinationLinux
#podcast 244! 😂🐧🐧

Replacing all your most used online services, from email to social media, with more privacy focused solutions!🐧

And a new smartwatch for pentesters!

+ our #Linux tips, tricks, and software picks!

BSD Now 408: FreeBSD DevSummit 2021

No pun this time; the episode covers the title exactly - plus more recent headlines.

The latest addition to my #FreeBSD #nagios monitoring.

Are all installed packages available for reinstall?

orphans=$(pkg version -vRL= | grep orphaned)
if [ -z "$orphans" ]
echo "All packages are in the upstream repo"
exit 0
echo $orphans
exit 2

BSD Now 406: Jailed Gemini Capsule

Sounds like a space drama: this week's BSD Now covers some different flavors of virtualization plus notes a Michael W. Lucas interview.

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