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Might as well make a proper pinned piece of prose about myself.

* I'm an enby, going by it/they.
* I'm dragonkin. All I need to say.
* I'm a fiction writer.
* I like interactive fiction, especially Inform7.
* I'm (slowly) learning to code, with Python and the like.
* I try to be chill, and am training myself to be far less negative.
* I talk a lot about different subjects, many of them tech-related.

Github: Codebalion
Dreamwidth: Codebalion & Starseerdrgn
Libre.FM: Codebalion

Dropped $100 on a 2008 MacBook Pro (15" model), and I'm now quite happy I did. Much faster than the 2009 MacBook I was using before, and just as nice to work on. Plus, I had parts on hand to max it out, including two SSDs.


Looks like today is going to be a "do nothing because health" day. That might actually be a good thing, since I have to rest, but I could do without the pain.

Awake. Saw one of my mates off as they left for where they're living for a while. Thinking about what to work on today, or if I just want to kick back and read for a bit. Working on one of my IF game ideas is tempting, though.

Four more books for the collection arrived today. Of the four, "Moving to Linux" was a freebie, and it kinda marks something of my history with Linux, since I first found out about it from the author, Marcel Gagné, on Tech TV a long time ago. Also, bonus points, the CD is still in it, and sealed.

Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with yours truly as your host/DJ in about 45 minutes! Pls tune in if your ears are free 🙌 23:00-24:00 UTC .... just right after DJ @iiogama 's BITS IN STEREO -- why not tune in to now! 📻

You know your ISP is having issues when even a basic telnet connection to a BBS lags.

Seeing my uncle's face when mentioning that I needed to "kick" (power cycle) the router actually cheered me up a bit.

Join us in 1 hour at 02:00 UTC / 7PM PST for Vintage Comp-U-Talk with our guest Robert Bernardo of the Fresno Commodore User's Group. Robert will update us on all things happening in the world of COMMODORE.

Some of the recent additions for my library of period/old tech books, and I have more on the way. The Typesetting on the UNIX System book is exceptionally interesting to me, given the history of UNIX itself.

I...might be back here again. There's a lot I still can't withstand thanks to chronic social anxiety and the like, but I think I can come back here with limited following and the like, plus using tools to further refine my timeline as needed.

Small communities are good communities as well.

So, I ended up popping onto Duolingo's forums for Esperanto, and someone posted a link to this channel full of Esperanto language music. INCLUDING a cover of Sound of Silence (S&G version, not the one by Disturbed).

@snowdusk_ I'm "gallowsgryph" on SDF proper and the gopherspace. So you might know me better by that.

Listening to @snowdusk_ while working on notes and ideas. Really need to figure out a way to have a small device just constantly connected to Anonradio that I can turn the speakers on for whenever I want something to listen to.

Slightly early of my current setup. WindowMaker is such a comfortable window manager when it's running properly.

Someone I talked with suggested I single-boot *nix on my Mac Pro, cause then I could use the nVidia GTS 450 with it, and have a hell of a system to stream with. It's...tempting.

(tonight I learned) about more environment variables I never knew `bash` had. Even with 13 years experience, I'm still learning about this stuff. 😆

That's partly why I bought this.

Tech, rant 

So... Fuck nVidia's Linux drivers. Fuck them to hell and back. They've made my Dell machine unusable as a Linux machine, since the video flickered like made EVEN with the proprietary drivers.

So, I'm once again Tri-booting my Mac Pro 1,1. It has a Radeon HD 5770. With a modern kernel, the video drivers work.

Okay... xcompmgr works just fine in ratpoison, but the compositors for GNOME, KDE, XFCE, and Mate aren't? I'm...utterly mystified.


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Wheee! Found out that turning off the compositor on my desktop fixes most of the screen issues I've been having. nVidia really *is* garbage on Linux. @..@

Okay, thing I like about Arch/Manjaro: You can rate-limit the package manager. I don't have to stomp on the connection while someone else is using it. And it's as simple as adding a command to a config file. 👍

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