New phase of Pubnix History Project described here: gopher://zaibatsu.circumlunar.

First interview out soon, will be linked from here gemini://

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typo, a misplaced space in:

"other tools and services fort he non-commercial Internet."


Also wondering if Grex and M-net are on your radar or not? Links to both in the sidebar of

Jan Wolter I think represented an interesting branch off the University of Michicgan, Marcus Watts, picospan systems. Another branch leads through the WELL (another one that might not be obvious to you as a pubnix, but which really was--all the time I spent there I connected through telnet, one can ssh into it now apparently).


talking about the WELL puts us in the Bay Area, which puts me in mind of

@deejoe I have heard a little about the "geek houses" and some associated pubnixes in SC, but I suspect there is a lot to that history that I don't know.

@deejoe Yup, I log into Grex every day actually. As far as I have been able to tell, M-Net is no longer active. The history of Grex and M-Net is pretty fascinating.

I actually had a discussion with Jan Wolter's partner (Valerie Mates) a year or so ago about open sourcing Jan's "party" software on some software forge like tildegit. She liked the idea but wanted to check with Marcus Watts first. But it sounds like she never heard back from him.

@deejoe I forgot to mention, I have stuck to free pubnixes (except for SDF), but two non-free ones I have always been curious about are WELL and Panix.

@cmccabe yeah I don't remember if I ever dipped into panix at any point but I think I had an account at The World at one time (software tool and die)

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