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Enjoying my morning on this nippy Miami morning. Busy day ahead with things left over from yesterday and possibly new requests today. Let's get 'er done! ☕ 💪 💯

and .

Another work week, another pot of brewing. Hoping for a week as smooth as my coffee. ☕ 😌

and .

Had a nice evening last night helping my sweets build her exercise bike after we had dinner at her place. Up now doing some chores and downing some with breakfast. ☕ 🥣

Hoping the day lends itself for a BBQ today, but if not, we'll just throw everything in the oven at my place. ♨️

Time for some afternoon as I listen to News To Me. Need something to offset the constant news about death and destruction. ☕

() and , everyone!

No kids at school today as it's a teacher planning day, but that doesn't mean I won't be busy. Aside from a PD day for teachers, I've got a few other tasks I need to take care of before the end of the day.

Bring on the now and the Happy Hour later! ☕ 🍻 😅

and .

Turned in early after a nice evening with my significant other, and thankful that I did turn in early as I got LOTS of rest. Nevertheless, the shall flow and be consumed. ☕ ☕ ☕ 😁

and . Already up and it feels as though my sleep time flew by. Ah well, I guess the will have to wake me up the rest of the way. 🥱☕


Sipping my this morning after breakfast and prepping things for work today. Hoping for a smooth day back to work. ☕ 🤞


Up since 5:30 AM because my son forgot to turn off his work alarm and I haven't been able to go back to sleep. Need to be at the airport by 9:30, so time to get some at the very least and get things ready before we're picked up and taken to the airport. ☕ 🛫

and .

Up and about and getting ready to hear the cold to get some breakfast and . Hoping to get in some exercise before we get picked up to hang out for a bit. ❄️💨☕


Up at 7:30 AM today and desperately needing . ☕ Not used to it still being dark outside at this time, but such is life in Cincy this time of year, I guess. 😂

and .

Already up and ready for a hot shower. is brewing and I need to get moving. ☕ 🏃🏻‍♂️💨


Off today and tomorrow along with the weekend and MLK day, so I'm just now up and about while the brews. Though I may be off, quite a lot to do today before the day is done, so let the coffee flow! ☕☕☕

Closing out my tickets and packing it up for the day. Heading home to make some afternoon and then meet up with my girl. ☕😊

and on this Hump Day. 🌞 🐪

Enjoyed a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs with spinach and whole wheat toast with butter along with my morning cup of before I head off to work. Let's see what the day holds. ☕

(BTW, it took a moment for me to realize the now-functioning key on the new keyboard to make a hashtag, lol. Trained to expect a missing key so I have to untrain myself from that. 😅 )

Finally having my afternoon after sticking around the faculty meeting and noticing Windows needed a reboot right after everything was set to go (wouldn'tcha know it? 😅). No calls on the radio since I got back to the office for my coffee, so that's a good thing. Enjoying my second cup, and then packing things up to head home for the day. 👍

and .

Another work week begins, but it's a short one for me as I'm off Thursday and Friday. Having my first cuppa and then out the door I go! ☕ 🚗💨

And worry not! I did have my usual this weekend. ☕ 🤪 🤣

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