Tonight's dinner. 🦃 🍔 🍻 Posting it here since bsd.network is still trying to get back up on its feet.

Still some hiccups on my main instance, so I'll just post this here.

My tech trifecta tonight. 😉

Enjoying a beer or two as I listen to DJ @tbn97 on and chat it up with the on COM. 😁 🎶 🍺

Who says you can't game on an old netbook? 🤔

Wasting Nazis as BJ Blazkowicz in inside of on . 🐡

Enjoying "33 & 1/3" with DJ @buttstuf@tilde.zone from my Asus EeePC 901 netbook. That poor thing is trying so hard to keep up with the Twitch stream on his Tilde page! 😅

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