Still some hiccups on my main instance, so I'll just post this here.

My tech trifecta tonight. 😉

Even better when it's cooked! 💯😋 Everything was super delicious and we have leftovers for later! 😁♨️

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So, I finally fired this thing up, and it has Windows XP. I was hoping for Windows 98 or 2000. 😞

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Just found this relic as I was organizing my office. So much for organizing now that I've found this timesuck. 😅 💻

Friday selfie, ec 

Sportin' my 6.7 shirt today as I get work done. 🐡💯😎

At work checking my tickets and listening to Argentine rock via MEGA 98.3. 🎶🇦🇷🎸

Welp, I had added some users to bring it up to 420, and just now it dropped again to 418. This happened even after changing my password since I thought my account may have been compromised.

Timestamp: 2022-01-18, 11:24:25

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OK, I'm going to start taking screenshots every few hours to document the constant loss of mutual followers. So far, I've lost more than half since the upgrade has taken place. I know it's nothing I've done, so I don't know what gives.

Here's the first one as of today, about 10 minutes ago. I'll be timestamping the image in the alt text and in this thread.

Timestamp: 2022-01-18, 08:50:37

After over 40 years, I finally got to see and feel snow again. And my son got to experience it for the first time. ❄️😊

Undecided on whether I should take the Fedora laptop or the OpenBSD laptop.

Decisions, decisions... 🤔

A big THANK YOU to the generous person who gifted me the keyboard and hinges for my Dell Latitude E6410 which runs . Not until now did I notice the bonus goodies, which were the sticker and printed letter from this person from a Commodore VIC-20 and an MPS-803 printer. ✨ 💯 👍 😊

Enjoying some grappamiel that my sweetheart gave me as a Christmas gift! Sooo good! 💯🐝🍯

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