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Enjoying my morning on this nippy Miami morning. Busy day ahead with things left over from yesterday and possibly new requests today. Let's get 'er done! ☕ 💪 💯

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@guerda Heh, I get this question a lot. 🙂 It stands for "timezone appropriate greeting" since others in different timezones are on different parts of the day overall. There's also "tzaf" which stands for "timezone appropriate farewell."

@claudiom thanks, good to know. I only ever saw that on your posts ☺️

@guerda I learned it years ago when I was on Identica. 😁

@claudiom @guerda It's like a Freemason's handshake - a private, subtle gesture known only to veterans :-)

@claudiom @andyc @guerda

Yea, and I'd forget what it was Claudio didn't use it all the time...
I was on identica also..

Back in the days when it felt like the internet had more positive vibes and discovery...

@randynose For real! I miss those days. That still exists on the fediverse, but people gotta be people sometimes and ruin things.

I thought it was a neat concept when someone told me about it, so I've kept using it since. 😁

@andyc @guerda

@claudiom @andyc @guerda

You know... This is an old picture... I wonder what these people look like now?

@randynose @claudiom @guerda The gentleman with the reverse baseball cap with camera is now an occasional wedding photographer. The baby is now Senior VP of Marketing at Twitter. The rest all retired in 2014 to Martha's Vineyard after a protracted legal battle over unauthorised image rights from this single photo which bankrupted Evan Prodromou who now busks on the streets of Montreal.
@nigeldgreen @ghostdancer @randynose @claudiom @guerda

Sadly, that idiotic 'pump dot io' photo will always be associated with the death of for me :-(

I can't believe I once built a self-hosted Laconica instance from source.

'Every release of the project is codenamed after a song by the wonderful R.E.M.'

@andyc That blog post is from 9 months before I discover and open my account in . And yes that photo marks the death of it. @randynose @nigeldgreen @claudiom @guerda

@andyc @randynose @nigeldgreen @claudiom @ghostdancer @guerda

Wow! I had planned a sabbatical in 2012-2013 contributing to StatusNet to implement social fragment filtering and aggregation of decentralized social presences. But my sabbatical was delayed by a year and by that time the whole StatusNet / world had shifted.

I'll admit some relief to not having to untangle the MySQL queries that underpinned much of the functionality!

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