@h3artbl33d@bsd.network @7daq0@social.anoxinon.de I think it's moved to 2nd tier support, so updates won't come down to it as quickly.

I run Fluxbox and sometimes I run cwm on the older machines, but Fluxbox is pretty much my goto. On OpenBSD, Firefox and even SeaMonkey are no longer available for x86 because they won't build, but Chromium does. Of course, the other smaller browsers work, but they don't work well on all sites. Of course, I don't really use the Eee for web browsing. Just SSH, Gemini, Gopher, and text web.


@h3artbl33d@bsd.network @7daq0@social.anoxinon.de Proof that you *can* browse the web, even on OpenBSD/x86, albeit slowly lol. Making simple mods to the Eee helped a bit with performance. (mSATA SSD using an adapter).

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