I've also been looking at a small laptop to purchase, but everything I've seen has been a disappointment. Seriously thinking about just fixing up the Dell Latitude E6410 (new keyboard and hinges) and using that as a beater laptop until something much more interesting comes down the pike in 2022. 🤔

@claudiom I probably have a system from that line that has a good keyboard and hinges. I could mail them to you...
@claudiom sorry for the double mention. The systems I have are from the 6500 line. Not sure if those part would be compatible. Anyways let me know of you want them

@mgrondin I'll check on the compatibility and let you know. Thanks!

@mgrondin OK, doing a quick check, it seems that mine and yours are of the 6000 series, except the 6410 is 14" and the 6500 is 15". From what I've seen of the battery and keyboard, they are interchangeable. Does your keyboard have the nub in the center? I imagine the hinges are also interchangeable.

@claudiom it sure does. Here is the 6500 and the 6510. They look pretty identical to can have either. As for the hindge I'd have to take them apart more than what I have time to do right today.

@mgrondin Yeah, they are. It's up to you. No worries on the hinges if it's too much trouble. 👍🏻

@claudiom I'm sorry happy with my Dell XPS 9365. You can find it on eBay. I replaced its battery with a new third party option. It has been 3 months, no issues so far.

@dima I had actually looked into that one while I was searching on eBay and Amazon, but I didn't want anything with a glossy screen or touch (I don't need touch to be honest). Glad it's working for you, though. 👍

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