I swear, . Stop enabling crap I don't want with new releases. I don't want "Sponsored Shortcuts" enabled. I turned the other "suggestions" off already. 🤬

@claudiom What keeps the lights on at Mozilla HQ is a yearly donation of about 450 million dollars from Alphabet.

So you'll have to bare with some whacky defaults, but it's still the best and most open web browser available. Any fork of Firefox will simply disable all the whacky defaults for you but Firefox is still where all that code originated and I love Mozilla for keeping it going.

@stemid But for how long do their users have to bare with it? Until they're no longer around? Until sites no longer support Firefox because of lack of users? I get that they need funding, but doing it this way is not the way IMO. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this way, and I don't believe everyone at Mozilla thinks this way, either.

@stemid If we have to bare with it, then we might as well bare with the alternatives (which are no better) since Mozilla's just playing a can't-beat-em-join-em game.

@claudiom The servo engine shows some promise and lives under the Linux Foundation these days. @stemid
@claudiom Yes, it is infuriating when you get something for free and have to trouble yourself with turning off new features you don't want.

@shuro I've no problem disabling things, but I do have a problem with it being done and enabled in a sneaky manner with "color themes" as a distraction.

@shuro Especially when you pride yourself on being a browser that respects the user's privacy.

@claudiom Ads don't automatically violate privacy unless they are tracking ads.

I am not a fan of these features as well but it is not that horrible. If it helps Mozilla stay afloat I'd rather go with them than with losing the only alternative to Chrome.

@shuro I still use Firefox, but I'd wish they'd be more up front with their users about it. I always check what's added when a new release comes out. I don't remember seeing anything about these "Sponsored Shortcuts."

@claudiom Yes, I have to agree with you here. There certainly are transparency problems.

I think this feature was introduced in version 83 (which was year ago) and since then is in "experimental" status. I also don't remember seeing it in official release notes.

I'd suggest checking out #LibreWolf as a Firefox fork. I've been enjoying using it.

@joshbdoc I'm considering it. Just recently found out about it.

@claudiom It's why I use LibreWolf or Vivaldi for my browsing needs. Should check them out.


Linux development has been the same way. Big donations in development time from IBM and Google make up most of the project.

It seems to be the way of things, to use a close fork of a corporate funded, but mostly open, project.

But to combat this, tech industry needs to learn that aside from security and bug fixes, updates are unnecessary. New hardware means needing new drivers, and introducing possible semantic bugs in the pipeline. It kills past charity software work. Fast changing languages have the same issue. Most lang's are getting stuck in single compiler territory.


Like GCC struggles on Mac M1 chips. Goodbye FORTRAN based computational science tools that a bunch of software relies on. Over 50 years of running just fine, then axed.

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