Wow. Was not aware that Chromium is still available for /i386. Installing it now. Shame that Firefox can't be made available, but that's solely on Firefox, not the OpenBSD team.


Back to having a modern browser on this Eee PC 901 running 7.0-current for i386. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘

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@claudiom Love it. I see some OpenBSD servers here and there but rarely ever any kind of desktop. Are you going to use this or is it mostly a toy install?

@4l3x Oh, lots of people, especially the OpenBSD devs, dogfood the OS as their main desktop OS. I have OpenBSD installed on this Eee PC as well as my Dell Latitude E6410 at home and the machine I use the most at work (Dell Prevision T1600), and I've had it for quite some time now.

@claudiom Sure devs use it. I meant more like outside of that tight knit community. Played with it some years ago. Pretty amazing and I do like the portage idea of BSD and it ran on the old zaurus 3200 micro PC. Those things where so much fun :D

@4l3x Well, yes. I run it on the PCs I mentioned in my last post. I use it for my everyday things, even some gaming. There's also an active OpenBSD gaming community and they're trying to get some games found on Steam and GOG working on OpenBSD.

@claudiom πŸ€” Maybe I'll give it a go on a secondary machine to try and get used to it. While easy to maintain, my network is a bit too homogeneous for my taste.

@fraggle Ooooh nice!! You're tempting me to buy a new palmrest and trackpad bezel that I've been putting off for a while now, LOL. If you don't care about missing Bluetooth, I say go for it!

@claudiom tempted, though one thing I want to do first. I have an 80 gig hard drive I never got working in it. Needs a small hardware mod first

@fraggle Is it a spinning HDD? I replaced the slow SSD under the removable cover with an MiniPCIe-to-mSATA adapter and dropped in a cheap 120 GB mSATA SSD. Improved performance quite a bit. The internal one is also replaceable even though ASUS doesn't mention it, but it's half-length. Until I get an extension ribbon for the outer-facing SSD, I'll continue getting a warning message at POST (the primary drive gets disabled in this config). I just hit F1 to continue now and it works fine.

@claudiom 1.8" HDD yeah. It's basically brand new. I bought it years ago but got frustrated trying to install it and gave up

It already has the appropriate connector soldered onto the motherboard to plug it in, but I need to cut away some pieces of plastic to run the ribbon cable through. The first one got crushed by part of the case just after I plugged it all in and briefly had the drive working. It's a fragile flex cable so needs to be kept safe

@fraggle Ugh, that sucks. Well, hopefully you can get it in there post-modifications with no damage.

Finally found the time to get my old EeePC up and running. I had to disassemble it to install the hard drive and cut some bits of plastic off the case to be able to run the flex cable through in a safe way

Turns out the drive already had an OpenBSD 4.6 (!!!) install on it along with an ancient Debian, unused for ~4230 days (11.5 years)

@fraggle Awesome! Reminds me of when I fired up my Eee PC 901 to drop OpenBSD on it for the first time. It had Lubuntu 14.10 which was having problems booting, but after reseated the original SSD, it finally booted properly. I documented it all here:

@claudiom fresh install of 7.0, I have WiFi and all the rest working (except Bluetooth obviously). Nice to have this up and running again

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