to DJ @buttstuf on his show, "33 & 1/3", and all-vinyl set! Come join us in 's COM room and be sure to listen in as well! 🎶 👨‍💻 🎶

Awesome sauce. I had OpenBSD running on a Lenovo Carbon once; used it at Defcon 2016. The memory controller flaked out though and I sold it for parts. I was using OpenBSD as my e-mail VM until last week until I migrated it. ... I do have enough parts of a garbage PC build; might put OpenBSD on it. Good community behind it for sure. Still using opensmtpd (in an Alpine container now). Simplest SMTP server out there.

@battlepenguin Yup. The quality in everything they do is why I run it and use it the most. @buttstuf

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