Why the fsck do people make websites like this:

Scrollbars removed, every interaction (badly) mediated by JavaScript - to a point where links to sub-headings do not work.

A pure HTML site with a tiny bit of CSS would have been much more readable, and much more usable.



@rysiek New web devs that think Javascript is the savior of the web and not realizing that people did more with less when they were still in diapers.

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@claudiom @rysiek that website, is designed to be a mobile-centric webapp; and in my opinion, even on mobile, it is not a good design.

@rysiek That's definitely all they had in mind, and they even failed at that IMO. @jezra

@claudiom @rysiek Is there a war being waged on scroll bars? First the browsers made them tiny and almost unusable and now I guess we're just deleting them altogether?

@swaggboi @claudiom @rysiek i think InfinityScroll made scrollbars vastly unusable (because js figured out when to fetch new content and constantly appending it to the bottom)

<sarcasm>eventually it'll all get much better when everything is finally webasm</sarcasm>

@rysiek @swaggboi @claudiom 🤣

"should i click this link? dear god, please don't let it jizz in my hardware. again"

@ruffni I personally think you should always have a fallback. 🤷‍♂️ @swaggboi @rysiek

@claudiom @ruffni @swaggboi as a general rule:
1. everything should be implemented in the lowest place in a technology stack where it can, reasonably, be implemented
2. basic functionality should work in the lowest position in a technology stack where it can work at all

There are things one cannot implement without JS. Scrolling, responsive layouts, and basic interfaces (with some interactivity and even transition animations these days) are not such things.

@ruffni @swaggboi @claudiom infinityscroll belongs in a very special circle of hell, along with position:fixed auto-play videos.

Kill it with fire. Nuke it from the orbit. Weed it out and salt the ground.

@ruffni @swaggboi @claudiom and my personal favourite, an infinityscroll website with a footer that contains some important info or functionality (say, language toggle).

To all the devs that have ever implemented it (and there's plenty): what is wrong with you?

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