** new main who dis? **

Well, I guess now that I'm on my new main instance, it's time for a new .

I'm a middle-aged, graybeard geek who loves all things tech and all things music, especially when they come together and make babies. Not only do I wonder about the bleeding edge of those two, but I get nostalgic about their days of old.


I've also gotten back into gaming. Big fan of FPS games, both old and new. Based on my avatar, you could probably figure out what my favorite FPS franchise is. 😉

I love all things FOSS, but I'm also pragmatic. While I'm all about BSD, Linux, Haiku, $foss_project, use what works for you, use what brings you joy.

I'm also blessed to be a dad to three awesome boys. I wouldn't be who I am without them in my life.


@claudiom I wonder, does your insurance have some string length on posts so you have to split the post in 3 posts?

@loosy I assume you meant "instance?" (Autocorrupt strikes again! 💥 😅)

Yeah, there was a particular character limit at the time. Right now, I believe it's 500, but it might have been less when I pinned those posts.

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