Updating on the netbook this morning before hitting the laptops again for reimaging. 🐡👍🏻

@beli3ver Yes, but does it matter? This still has use for me.

@claudiom Ok question was worded wrong, do you currently have hardware that is up to date that also runs OpenBSD, can't get this to run on my devices. I have a Lenovo X1 Extreme Gen3

@beli3ver Ah, gotcha. I don't have anything released within the last 2 years to run anything FOSS, though I'd like to change that at some point. The newest hardware I have is a 3rd gen Core i5 laptop, and that's running Fedora, but I have run OpenBSD on it and it works well.

I checked the general specs on your laptop and the main problem for you will be NVIDIA support which does not exist on OpenBSD. FreeBSD has a binary NVIDIA driver in its repos, but there might be other gremlins lurking.

@claudiom but it has an intel too. I only use the intel card on #Debian too

@beli3ver Ah, gotcha. I had a feeling it had that as well, but didn't see it mentioned after a quick scan of the specs on the Lenovo website.

This was something I found and was posted recently, so it looks like there are other things to consider with OpenBSD on this device.

@beli3ver For hardware that new, I'd likely stick with Linux when it comes to FOSS operating systems. You might be able to get along with FreeBSD, but I think some other things are lacking, likely in power management and WiFi. I could be wrong on that regarding FreeBSD, but you might be better served with the info from this page on the ThinkPad X1 Extreme.

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