Welp, looks like I can finally remove the channel entry for Freenode. Hopefully I can do the same for more after seeing what I've seen on the fediverse today about Freenode.

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@claudiom Even if not officially announcing the move, most channels (ie, #freebsd) have presence on libera or oftc with the majority of the same users there. I fully moved off of freenode a few days ago and haven't noticed a difference in channel quality.

@PeterSanchez There are a few that I still haven't seen mention of moving over or having moved over, so I have to hold back on those. One of those has a number of good friends that I frequently chat with.

@claudiom It's inconvenient, but I kinda like when thing such as libreoffice and liberachat happen. Gives me hope in the people.

@gemlog Indeed, but it does cause confusion for everyone.

@claudiom If they leave that script running a mischievous person might join channel after remaining channel and mention libera chat... 😈

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