Looking to buy a few PCI-ish wi-Fi cards for the PCs here. I need one PCI-e for the Fedora one and another PCI card for an old Celeron D 335 PC I have laying around that I want to put a BSD on.

Any suggestions?

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@claudiom just threw in an ax200 (TP link) in one box and an ac58bt in another. Both PCI-e. As long as you have kernel 5.1+ the ax200 will work.

@dokuja Nice! This is the one I bought for my Fedora desktop.

I was going to get an older PCI card for the old Celeron D335 PC I had in storage, but I think it's about given up the ghost. I'm trying to see if I can revive it as I've cleaned the CPU and HSF to apply new themal paste, but I can't find my thermal paste. 😞

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