@viktormadarasz Good interview, btw. Hadn't heard an interview with Talus Balog in a long time.

@claudiom thanks...feel free to share it
i have the feeling that this podcast does not reach all people interested in something like this


@viktormadarasz You'd be surprised. Problem is that not many can probably connect when you do it live, but they might download it for listening/watching later. That's kind of how I do my other podcasts. I don't have time to watch it live, but recorded in my podcatcher can be anytime. πŸ‘

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@claudiom on anchorfm i have around 30-35 reproductions lately of each episodes ( some more some less). so honestly I do not know how big of a crowd out there who listens to this podcast.

Not many of the listeners ever came forward saying Hey , I am here Do not give up :)

@viktormadarasz Well, I'm telling you not to give up and I know @gemlog would say the same! πŸ‘πŸ»

@claudiom @gemlog thanks mate... Not giving up... we get to a 100 episodes for sure

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