Thinking about using again for chat, at least via my phone. I know my non-technical friends won't ever use it, but it wouldn't be for chatting with them.

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@claudiom just curious, have you heard or have you used matrix?

@ShadowJonathan Yes, I have but haven't used it. I was going to create one a while ago, but never followed through.

@ShadowJonathan @claudiom matrix kinda sucks from my experience so far. It's so damn slow to sync channels, the clients all render differently (some do markdown, some don't). The bridges trash irc channels. I don't know.. I find it hard to get excited about.

@0 No, but I usually get those apps from F-Droid (even before the Element debacle). As I mentioned, it would be for chatting with my technical friends who are already using XMPP, not my normal, non-technical friends who would never do so. They're too entrenched in WhatsApp, so I just use that with them.


> No, but I usually get those apps from F-Droid

Yeah and so do I (never had a Google account to start with) but you're “non-technical” friends won't appreciate that. Pick yer battles and all that.

@0 Exactly, picking my battles. They're not going to switch. Been there, done that (for the last 20 years even). I'm just telling you *I* get it from F-Droid (which is where I get all my FOSS Android apps). If, in the rare event, they switch, then I'll be on there. It would be just for communicating with my tech friends. I use IRC a lot and my tech friends use that too. Not going to tell my non-tech friends to use that because it's better than something like Discord, for example.

@claudiom My girl friend just insists, that everybody who want's to chat with her, has to use XMPP, and a lot of her friends are using it. So I think it is up to us, to explain our non-tech friends why they should use XMPP. And it is as easy to ste up like Telegramm or any other Messenger.

Why wouldn't it?

I mean, if you're able to set a server up, you could allow free registration for a few weeks for friends & family.

After all, your n00b friends would just have to choose a XMPP client or two (i.e. one for their desktop, another for the smartphone), a nickname and a password. That doesn't seem out of reach for people less that 70 y.o. nowadays.

I switched all my family and few friends (no one techy) to xmpp 2 years ago (at least to talk to me).
You can do it 😉

Im considering too. But 99% of my contacts are non-technical. So is hard to make the switch.

@Arielbnz Yeah, mine too, but as I said, it wouldn't be for them. Just my techy friends.

@claudiom I used to run an xmpp server a long time ago on Open Solaris (mid 2000's). Xmpp was pretty great (the bridges were amazing)

The crypto is kinda just smothered on top by the clients which isn't ideal.

Not really sure why I stopped using it though 🤔

@kallisti5 I had an xmpp account on a particular server a long time ago, but that's since disappeared. I might create my own server or just join on one of the many out there. I know that Matrix has been the new hotness for a while now, but xmpp has always intrigued me.

As for encryption, it seems like there are lots of options, though the most accepted is OMEMO.

@claudiom hm. Openfire is the server I ran back in the day.. It's Java (bleh) but worked well from what I remember.

@kallisti5 Bleh indeed! 😅 Still, if it works and is stable, it's definitely an option.

I now remember the server I was on actually using OpenFire. This was around the late 00s.

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