@claudiom OMG I am shocked. At one point we were following each other here on Mastodon but when I left sdf mastodon I think that stopped. May he rest in peace 🌹

@claudiom @pla @mastobikes @kranfahrer That's terrible news. I was checking back and he gave me some biking advice a little over a month ago. RIP

Thank you for posting this Claudio.

Although I only knew Patrick through the Fediverse, I too have found myself hit hard by these sad news. He was such a gentle and kind person, it was impossible not to like him.

Peace Patrick!
@pla @mastobikes @kranfahrer


I'm truly shocked by this sad news. PLA is one of the most gentle people that I met here on Mastodon. Since we shared the same passion for cycling he was always kind enough to answer my questions and I truly enjoyed his blog posts about his journeys. I will miss him.

@pla @mastobikes @kranfahrer

@ericbuijs @claudiom @pla @kranfahrer

Ohh.... this really is so sad. You are right he was a very nice person indeed. May his soul rest in peace.
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