If you are a , please share your ride photos. It would be nice to honor @pla's life of cycling after such sad news.

Please boost this if you can. Thanks.

Damn, looks like he was an awesome dude, too bad I joined only after he past away :(

@inf0sec @pla was the nicest guy. I met him at a couple of Southeast Linux Fests about 10 years ago. Followed him then on Identica and recently here. Such a loss. 😔

@claudiom @inf0sec @pla I met him there too. Nice guy, always encouraging. Sad. :(

@inf0sec @claudiom @pla What happened? I followed him here, seemed like a good guy, and it was obvious he loved biking.

@claudiom @pla Good initiative! 🚲

I cycle every single day in and around my town and it's safe like it should for everyone! I don't have any photos but I will fight for this in honor of Patrick ❤️

You will be missed friend :blobpray: 🚴 ❤️ Rest in peace

@stux @claudiom @pla

I used to ride a lot when I was younger. - But broke my leg in a cycling accident, and never really got back on a bicycle much after that. - Also the roads where I lived weren't all that great for bikes.

@claudiom I wish I had good ride photos but unfortunately my bike is a bit sad right now.

@calculsoberic It's OK. It's all about the ride, especially in honoring @pla. 😔

@calculsoberic I wish I had a ride picture to honor him @pla today, but I'll leave it to others here to do that.

@claudiom @kumicota That's terrible. I always enjoyed his cycling posts. Tragic.
@claudiom oh, I didn't knew about it. He was an awesome and chill guy and who liked fedi and the people here a lot, I sadden now. I wish the best for his family

@claudiom @pla rest in power PLA. It was a joy to see the #cycling hashtag come to life with you. Cleaning my bike today & thinking of ya 🚴

@claudiom @pla only have bent rim vids, would be bad luck. :blobfoxsad:

@claudiom @pla So sad to hear this news. Loved his cycle pics. Always seemed like such a nice guy.

@claudiom @pla @alrs from my solo cycling trip through the woods taken in a very special place. A place where I traveled as a kid with my grandfather to go fishing--until he was also tragically taken on a New Years day many years ago after being hit by a car.

@claudiom @pla


I will miss his humor and the evocative photos of his rides.

Where did you hear about his passing?

@claudiom @pla just a look back at a beautifully smooth, freshly resurfaced bike lane on Shaw Street in Toronto. It was such a pleasant pedaling experience that I had to snap a photo of where I'd just been when I got to a red light.

Ride on, pla. ☮️

@claudiom @pla

One of the few I've taken with a nice & rare weather to ride :)

So long @pla !

@claudiom I spend about 16km per day on a bike (commuting to work) and I just realized that I don't have a single photo.

I guess you don't take pictures anymore when it becomes part of your daily routine...

@claudiom @pla Here's a #cycling photo from a couple months ago. I will miss seeing his pics on my timeline.

@claudiom @pla

This is my bike. I drive it every day and now I ride it in memory of Patrick.

I didn't know the guy, but as a fellow cyclist, here's my humble contribution.

My old but sturdy ride.

@_xhr_ @claudiom @pla @mastobikes

It's Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. It was in early December, some rest of the first snow is lying there ...

@tuxom Right, I've been there about 25y ago. I mixed it up with the view on to Greece's parliament. Thanks for clarifying it up.
@claudiom @pla @mastobikes

@claudiom @pla that makes me sad to hear. I am so busy with wife and kids and work that I don’t have many friends irl, the fediverse is such a fun place and I feel like there are a dozen really interesting genuine people on here that seem like real friends. I will miss his posts.

@claudiom I never interacted with @pla, but he seemed to be a genuinely nice person.

@claudiom @pla

I'm not really sure if the story behind this.... It's vague, I'm guessing a cyclist recently died and people knew him.

Regardless, I'll play, I love my bicycle.

Apparently, I don't know how to post a photo yet..... Back to the drawing board Wily Coyote.



Sorry for his loss, long distance cyclists are a different kind of people, there is a essential mind-body connection that is a natural consequence of many hours in the saddle and in the mind.

Photo 2019, day 1 of 200. Washington

@claudiom @pla

I just posted a few from our 2016 bike tour from the Netherlands into Belgium. #pla

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