death (Patrick Archibald, aka @pla), eulogy 

@pla You were taken from this world too soon. I remember meeting you at SELF and I've always know you to be the nicest human being. Enjoyed your posts on Identica and, recently, on the Fediverse via Mastodon. I wish I could have known you more on a personal level because you radiated positivity. My heart is broken at the news of your passing today, but I'm glad I got to know you. Your posts always brightened my day. I'll miss you.

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re: death (Patrick Archibald, aka @pla), eulogy 

#RIPpla indeed. Those who need more details can find them at

In his honour of @pla I've attached a photo of one of my #bikeTrips to #Bodøsjøen in #Bodø, #Norway

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