"For those relying on CentOS 8 to enjoy the reliability and features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 but without the licensing costs, etc, that will end in 2021. "

So that's how thinks it'll make even more business with /#Linux.

I'm testing and it is actually quite cool. But killing of the 1:1 rebuild from sources is a mistake IMHO. A big mistake - at least if won't provide a much more open access to the original itself.


"So, with shifting direction from a downstream project to an upstream platform, what are your options?

You can opt for , , or maybe another fork by the original CentOS creator?

Yes, that is what Linux is all about!"

And - BANG - it forked. Oh how I love ...



@jack That last part is SO on point.

"Hopefully, Rocky Linux won’t end up being acquired by another big organization and fall for 'Embrace, Extend, Extinguish' trap."

I hope history doesn't repeat itself.

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@claudiom as sad it maybe it will repeat it self pretty sure Microsoft has a similar EEE missile up its sleeve just waiting...
I just can't trust a single corporate anymore

@HackerBean @claudiom It will undoubtedly repeat itself - that just seems the way things are going theses days. But quite probably it will respawn again, only to repeat all over again... and again.

I find it interesting that the -hosted was chosen as a place to start . runs mostly and is probably no small part of that.

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