The Project just committed suicide.

To me, this is more like foul play, and is the mastermind.

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@claudiom I kinda get the logic of it, even if I don't like it.
However, by changing the EOL of CentOS 8 to 2021 (from 2029) they will destroy any trust that they had in any community-based projects going forward. (CentOS Stream, Fedora)
Why would anyone expect them to keep to their own self-created support commitments from this point forward?

@murph I get it as well; it's business, plain and simple, especially when it comes to IBM. However, like you said, it will destroy trust, though I'd go as far as to say the damage has been done. Even I have been considering going back to Slackware out of spite. Reminds me of the stuff RH did in the early-to-mid 2000s which caused distrust in the community.

@claudiom It's certainly off my reccomendation list for anything requiring stability. I'll still run Fedora, since I can easily switch off if needed.

Yeah this is crap. Time to go full circle to Slackware

@claudiom I ran RHEL for years, simply because it came on the real iron I was renting at a DC in Austin.
I fail to see what value proposition redhat provides over running any other flavour of server-capable linux. During that time I also put centos on a few backup/file-share servers in small businesses. Meh.

@gemlog I couldn't tell you, but I know that @murph could probably provide some information on that.

@gemlog @claudiom (As far as I know) Long-term stability for RHEL and CentOS, and for RHEL, direct support with a subscription. CentOS gave a completely compatible with RHEL distro, which they are now losing. I have no idea what niche CentOS is filling now.

@claudiom I feel like CentOS biting the dust pushes me and my group more towards Ubuntu / Debian. Ubuntu with its optional support gives us that hybrid "try before you buy" situation. I think the higher ups will be happier now, especially with the added feature "if you want to add licensing, no need to reinstall, and the updates are exactly the same as supported Ubuntu". Which wasn't the case before. And now that everyone is warmed up to what Linux does...

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