PSA about my posts/boosts 

If there's something I say or boost that may have bothered you, please be sure to let me know politely. I usually CW particular posts about politics, my beliefs, and my rants, but I may sometimes boost something that I'm excited about which might not have a CW. We all make mistakes, we are all human.

I'd rather you bring it to my attention in a civil manner than passive-aggressive, knee-jerk, cancel-culture blocking outright, but that's your choice and I respect it. 馃憤

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PSA about my posts/boosts 

@learningopenbsd Content Warning.

PSA about my posts/boosts 

@claudiom Oh! Thank you. How do you do a CW? Is it a feature of Mastodon? Sorry if this is a stupid question, but if that's the ettiquette here, I don't want to do it wrong.

PSA about my posts/boosts 

@learningopenbsd On the Mastodon interface, there's an option that says "CW" underneath the text box before posting. that then comes up with a title box so you can put a description of what the post is about if it's something that might be contentious to others.

This original post had a CW header on it.

PSA about my posts/boosts 

@claudiom Thanks for being thoughtful toward others!

Personally, I've found all your posts to be fine. And I think probably most of us here on this platform at least are in a celebratory mood, if that's any consolation! 馃コ

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