@claudiom How is FreeBSD running? I used 12.3 with MATE about 2 years ago and was a nice experience. The dumb nVidia video driver update crashed my test system sadly. It was a long time to setup everything so I discarded the idea.

@peron Probably not 12.3 since 12.1 is the latest. 😁 It runs well! On this desktop system, I have a NVIDIA Quadro FX 570. It works so long as I have the proprietary NVIDIA drivers installed. I normally wouldn't use NVIDIA (Team AMD here), but that's what this system at work has, so I'm using it.

@claudiom Yeah! It was 10.2. I upgraded to 12.0 and it crapped! But it was a nice system. Sadly, I assumed I needed to reinstall everything so I declined using it anymore. Perhaps too much upgrade at once.


@peron Yeah, I had some problems upgrading an old server from 11.x to 12.0, something to do with the bootloader and the RAID controller on the server. After about a year or two, I tried again and it worked this time.

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