OK, now it's looking the way I like. Seem as though my tweaked green Numix theme now follows the dark mode completely, as opposed to the two-tone mode it followed before. 馃槇 馃

@claudiom How is FreeBSD running? I used 12.3 with MATE about 2 years ago and was a nice experience. The dumb nVidia video driver update crashed my test system sadly. It was a long time to setup everything so I discarded the idea.

@peron Probably not 12.3 since 12.1 is the latest. 馃榿 It runs well! On this desktop system, I have a NVIDIA Quadro FX 570. It works so long as I have the proprietary NVIDIA drivers installed. I normally wouldn't use NVIDIA (Team AMD here), but that's what this system at work has, so I'm using it.

@claudiom Yeah! It was 10.2. I upgraded to 12.0 and it crapped! But it was a nice system. Sadly, I assumed I needed to reinstall everything so I declined using it anymore. Perhaps too much upgrade at once.

@peron Yeah, I had some problems upgrading an old server from 11.x to 12.0, something to do with the bootloader and the RAID controller on the server. After about a year or two, I tried again and it worked this time.

Uhm. Do you normaly keep your pc running for an entier day?

@Twelve This is a PC I set up at work, so it's on 24/7. My home one doesn't stay on all day.

I supose its good to know you don't normaly do this at home, but i also have a quedtion. What brands of laptops have you had succsess with running bsd on? I tested a few and well. I notice a paytern in some of them so just curius what had worked in your experience

@Twelve Well, I've installed BSD in general on the following with success:
- Dell Latitude D620 (FreeBSD)
- Lenovo ThinkPad x230 (OpenBSD)
- Asus Eee PC 901 (OpenBSD)
- Toshiba Portege M400 (OpenBSD)

Ok thanks, i gotten some more laptops to test, but i feel like i can pretty comftervally say bsd will not work on an hp, tried 3/4 hp laptops i own and none of them work. Will however test all the ones i own just to make sure and mabye make a list that may be usefull for someone in the future

@Twelve I've installed FreeBSD on an old HP laptop and it worked fine (CPU was a Pentium M I believe). I also have it running on an HP ProLiant ML350 G5 server.

I never gotten bsd to boot on any of my elitebooks (8440p, 8560p and 8530w), i want to test thw last one i have and see if i have any more luck on it

@Twelve Disable Secure Boot. Of that doesn't work, enable legacy BIOS.

@Twelve also remember that with UEFI you need to use GPT partitioning.

None of that works, never found a secure boot option and allready turned of ufie bios

@Twelve Have you applied any firmware updates to those laptops? I had to do that for my ProBook to get Linux on it.

It dose not exist, or even with the guide i cannot find it. I tried looking it up, and see no signs of it even suporting secure boot.

@Twelve I guess all you can do is check for BIOS firmware updates for those laptops as those might add missing features.

I may try that, but not holding too much hope, but i supose i have gotten a few laptops by now with not a lot to do so fixing one up to run bsd isn't gonna be a big deal

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