Wow, what a great return of DJ @snowdusk at his new digs on with "The Intergalactic Wasabi HOUR"! Looking forward to future shows on there, especially since I now have Irssi properly configured to connect to IRC. πŸ‘

✨ !! ✨
✨ !! ✨
🎧 🎧

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@claudiom YAAAY thank you claudiom! and i hope you get your IRC set up soon... I wonder if you ahve to be member first... i honestly do not know

@claudiom it's more fun to use an irc client tbh so ii can understand πŸ˜…

@snowdusk I'm all set already! Didn't you see my alter-ego "ClaudioM_" there? He's my evil twin. 😈

@claudiom OH!!! glad to hear!!! you just connected to the ssl port and registered??

@snowdusk I had to use instead of the one you mentioned and it worked with SSL. I registered my nick from the web client.

@moondoggy @claudiom thank u moondoggy!! you got the links right?? ✌️✌️✌️

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