Whenever a web browser, operating system, or web site gains dominance among users, it stops being cool and starts becomes blatantly abusive.

This Chromium nonsense is just more of what we saw from Internet Explorer.

Every generation of geeks learns this anew, and acts all shocked. Learn some history, folks. Learn from those who came before.

Stop supporting only one platform. Variety is ESSENTIAL. Monocultures are death. #sysadmin

Wonder how my 2nd gen is going to react to slapping on Virtual PC and trying to play and some shitty games (I separate out SimTower because it is *not* shitty)

Me: "I should work on actual tech things now that I'm on vacation"
Me, instead: *plays Animal Crossing and dicks around reading Internet bullshit*


We are proud to announce the birth of the Free Silicon Foundation (f-si.org)!

We organize a conference in Paris, March 14-16 2019, to promote:

1. Free and Open Source (FOS) CAD tools for designing #VLSI circuits
2. the sharing of hardware designs
3. common standards
4. the freedom of users in the context of #silicon technology

Program and submissions:

#Hardware #FSiC


When designing a user interface, imagine some old woman using it, say Margaret Hamilton, and she's clicking your app's buttons and saying to you, as old people do,

"Young whippersnapper, when I was your age, I sent 24 people to the ACTUAL MOON with my software in 4K of RAM and here I am clicking your button and it takes ten seconds to load a 50 megabyte video ad and then it crashes

I'm not even ANGRY with you, I'm just disappointed."

In that holiday crunch mode and I cannot wait for it to END. At least I'm not working at early 80s Atari, I guess.

#Debian 10 (unstable) running on an #Atari Falcon 030 with X11 GUI, Fluxbox and modern Linux Kernel

I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

Update: talked to someone and he confirmed my suspicions that most of the equipment was probably CDC, and that there was an Osborne 1 and Honeywell terminal


anyone recognize the equipment in this music video? I found it a while back and was curious, but couldn't place it.

Got a very cool pic for a face reveal. Don't really think I have enough toots or followers to care, but considering posting it...like, I'm the least interesting thing in the pic imho

1982 sofa game level: EXCELLENT


a gigantic 16 megabytes of RAM

<< The X-MP initially supported 2 million 64-bit words (16 MB) of main memory in 16 banks, respectively >>

Not to be a cheeseball on my mostly tech account, but having a partner visit during the holidays actually makes me look forward to Christmas like a kid again.

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