What an Interesting day at work. Managed to hack some stuff and annoy some people. I was also helpful too.

Still having a little trouble storing things from ram to disk. 😭

Removed from reality. I'm fucking ashamed.

Street party. Mute this account incase I drunk post.

Big exam tomorrow. I am not prepared.

So far. Some upset friends about not being able to facetime or imessage me haha.

I've not used android for a while. This should be interesting.

Gotta say. Doing something I enjoy is great for mental well-being. Only a few hours of trail riding and I’m worrying about the rock in front of me and how to not hit it rather than work or all the unimportant stuff.

Is that called living in the moment?

I’m going for a poo then I’m going for a ride.

Quality posts only on this account.

There seems to be a lot of people spending a lot of money hyping up the meta verse as the next big thing. But we can all agree it’s bullshit right?

(Any sharing of this post appreciated for my sanity)

Since my iPhone camera has been destroyed by being on my bike. I’m going to get an android phone for my primary mobile device to mix it up a little.

This should be amusing.

A night alone. A night for self reflection.

Man in charge of a countries finances gets richer whilst the rest of us can’t afford to pay our bills. More news at 11…


I started making a game when lockdown first started. It was a zombie roguelike based on an older game I made and never showed anyone...

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