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Apple will install a back door to Messages and will scan your photos on-device against an inscrutable and unauditable database. Extremely bad news. Others will follow (or are silently doing it already) and there is still no good alternative to Apple/Google’s ecosystems.

Another keyboard layout aimed to reduce RSI. The writeup is very interesting and explains the rationale, process, analysis and evaluation of the pros and cons of this layout.

Is it because I'm old and nostalgic, or did Windows 95 really have the best UI elements?

From 2017: "A group of bored developers and designers has decided to start a thread on reddit to figure out who can come up with the worst volume control interface in the world". Funny as hell.

This is science fiction. It has many implications, yes, but let your mind be blown for a second.

@cfenollosa Basic Fantasy isn't 3.5, it was the first retroclone of B/X using the OGL, it started the OSR. (There's also OSRIC, but nobody likes OSRIC)
#ttrpg #dnd

A free and open source RPG, basically a simplified version of D&D 3.5. Great community effort and nice production -- Is 3.5 "oldschool" now? 👴🏼

Check these out. You really should start using 'ag' and 'jq' if you haven't already.

On this day in 1987 SDF received its first caller at 300 baud.

Happy 34 Years to SDF! 🎂

Welp, looks like I can finally remove the channel entry for Freenode. Hopefully I can do the same for more after seeing what I've seen on the fediverse today about Freenode.

It appears Freenode performed a hostile takeover of our officially-registered IRC channel.

We have moved to @liberachat. If you use IRC, please join us there.

jcs says it best: "New freenode opers are making sure [the freenode/libera] fracture doesn't happen by driving all of their remaining users off the network". Freenode is basically committing suicide.

The first hardware vulnerability of Apple Silicon: a system register can be accessed directly from EL0. Two processes can cooperatively exchange data using this register. However, this is more of a curiosity. You shouldn't worry.

Impressive due to the fact that it uses a modern kernel. Long gone are the days of bootable floppies with tomsrtbt or DOS 6.22 for recovery

Freenode changed hands, things are going south, and the community is jumping to and other alternatives. End of an era.

Freenode changed hands, things are going south, and the community is jumping to and other alternatives. End of an era.

So for those who don't know yet, Freenode had a hostile takeover and the volunteer staff has resigned. Most (if not all staff) have created a new network:

##yamahasynths has moved to There is heavy load, so things like registering or even connecting may take a while. Point your client to, port 6667 (6697 if using TLS).

There is a relay provided for now for both channels, so both the Libera and Freenode channels receive all msgs.

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