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Dusk. The beacon is on. The full moon shows on the horizon. A blue tint covers everything in sight.

Great tips in case you want to run your own mail server - and some thoughts on why you probably shouldn't

@cfenollosa I donated to for their services and maintenance of platforms.
Thank you @SDF

It is the time to share happiness and donate to those projects which matter the most and have had a bigger impact on our lives.

For me, SDF brings back the Old Internet Feeling of community with strangers who share your interests.

I encourage to everybody on this instance to donate what you can to SDF for their tireless effort in providing us with services so we can connect with others and hack on very cool platforms.

I’m very happy that the SDF Matrix server is back up with an improved instance! We were creating a pretty good community there in the last months!

I've been an admin and moderator for for nearly five years now (😱). A good enough reason as any to reflect on the Good/Bad/Ugly aspects of community management.

Impressive showcase of glitches for one of the most beloved Zelda games. ZFG is a great speedrunner and he knows the game left and right.

Browse the web as it appeared at any point in time, with era-appropriate browsers running in Mac OS and Windows emulators in your modern browser

Hey, SDF Matrix users: the server seems to be unreliable, and membership is working to bring it up, but maybe it's too heavy of a service and we should consider alternatives?

IMO it's a shame because the Element client is great and the support for images is the best of all distributed chats. But maybe we should consider moving back to XMPP/IRC? Or pitch in some donations for a beefier server at SDF?

What do you think? I wouldn't want to lose the awesome community we were creating there

Impressive self-hosted videoconferencing tool developed by a single person, Miroslav Pejic.

Oh, so it was not just me. Ten years ago I was able to listen to movies in English without subtitles and now I need to enable subtitles again unless I have headphones on

¿Has probado Mastodon y vas un poco perdido, te aburre, tienes pocos contactos?

✋🏼 STOP 🛑

¡Lo estás usando mal!

Déjame que te lo explique

Tell me the story of the first time you connected to the internet

A very simple but useful tool: preview rendered Markdown files with Quick Look

I replaced my pen&paper notebook with a reMarkable.

Six months later, here is my review.

"No notebook is perfect, but the reMarkable comes really close"

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