Gotta tell you a secret. Some time ago I quit caffeine. I started drinking decaf. After a couple weeks of adjustment, I no longer needed my morning coffee to function.

Some months ago, I had chocolate milk for breakfast a few times, as a joke, because it reminded me of my kid days.

Well, it has stuck. Here I am, an adult, drinking chocolate milk for breakfast. Know what? It makes me very happy. Try it sometimes. Not being hung on caffeine is also a plus.

Here is a kitty pic to stop your doomscrolling. Now close the news and social networks, and go do something else

It’s the time of the year to help reach its funding goals

I challenge everybody in my timeline who uses it to donate any amount that is comfortable for you!

Maybe you can now spare a few euros that you’re not spending eating out or buying stuff

This is silly but it makes me happy and I want to share it.

🌿 I’ve always loved olives. I recently discovered a few olive trees in my hiking route. One day I decided to pick up some of them and try to cure them at home.

In case you don’t know, raw olives are bitter and inedible. I followed some YouTube tutorials but wasn’t expecting much — I didn’t even know if it was the right season to pick them up!

One month later, my olives are cured and they taste great! Excellent experience! 😋

Judging by the header count, talk.* doesn't look promising... guessing we will find our friends

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