"Computers as I used to love them", a love letter to Syncthing which I 100% subscribe.

Syncthing totally solved my file sharing issues between multiple OSs with zero bullshit. Fast and reliable.

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Beautifully said! I completely agree with your sentiment, Syncthing is so awesome it legitimately makes me less cynical about computers.

I would add to your points that Syncthing doesn't require a centralized server or a formal structure. When you get a new computer or phone you don't have to re-setup everything around your new main device, you just keep leapfrogging your files from one device to the next.


Further you don't need a fancy server for most stuff since you can run Syncthing on your phone and most peoples phones are always on and connected to the internet.


Well, it can't run on iphones, which was kind of a drag since a lot of people use them, especially non-technical folks.

The workaround is to enable the webdav module on Apache and share a folder on one of my computers. Then I can give them an URL to download stuff without having to install anything.

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