Hey, SDF Matrix users: the server seems to be unreliable, and membership is working to bring it up, but maybe it's too heavy of a service and we should consider alternatives?

IMO it's a shame because the Element client is great and the support for images is the best of all distributed chats. But maybe we should consider moving back to XMPP/IRC? Or pitch in some donations for a beefier server at SDF?

What do you think? I wouldn't want to lose the awesome community we were creating there

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I have no real stake in what messaging service is used, though Matrix has oddly enough been the most portable for me. I am already a metaarpa user and decline the idea of donations though. I don't buy the argument that synapse is too hard to maintain.

@guofu @johnm @tbn97 @mrguilt @paladin1 @drelcott @dor Hey friends, have you been able to log back into Matrix recently? It's still down for me, and the message on bboard/requests has disappeared...

@cfenollosa @guofu @johnm @tbn97 @paladin1 @drelcott @dor Just logged in tonight. SDF said they did an upgrade (see your SDF email).

@mrguilt @cfenollosa @johnm @tbn97 @paladin1 @drelcott @dor Oh really? I thought that was a Mastodon upgrade, not Matrix. Maybe I need to read the email again...

@mrguilt @cfenollosa @guofu @johnm @tbn97 @drelcott @dor I didn't get any email from SDF, and I'm still not able to log into Matrix. (invalid password)

@paladin1 @mrguilt @guofu @johnm @tbn97 @drelcott @dor

I got the email too, but it didn't mention Matrix. If it is on the same server as Mastodon I didn't know.

Anyway, just tried to log in and got an error:

"There was a problem communicating with the homeserver, please try again later. (M_UNKNOWN)"

@drelcott @cfenollosa @paladin1 @mrguilt @johnm @tbn97 @dor I created a account as a backup and that couldn't reach the SDF Matrix server either.

@mrguilt @paladin1 @drelcott @johnm @dor @tbn97 @guofu yep, I have a backup account too, and it can’t see any channels in Sdf matrix. But I think this isn’t new. The Sdf server always had some hiccups federating to other instances 😔

@cfenollosa @mrguilt @paladin1 @drelcott @johnm @tbn97 @guofu I had trouble reaching federation too. i use a backup server too and was also never able to reach sdf

There is a new matrix server being developed right now. It's called dendrite. But I think the project isn't completely stable yet.

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