A free and open source RPG, basically a simplified version of D&D 3.5. Great community effort and nice production -- Is 3.5 "oldschool" now? 👴🏼

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@cfenollosa Basic Fantasy isn't 3.5, it was the first retroclone of B/X using the OGL, it started the OSR. (There's also OSRIC, but nobody likes OSRIC)
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@mdhughes Sure, but I guess it's easier for people to relate it to 3.5 as it's more widely known


Since D&D 3/3.5/Pathfinder are also Free, what's the benefit?

@emacsen @cfenollosa Basic Fantasy is based on 3.5.
But BF is more going towards the BX Ruleset. So its one of those OSR Games. Different kind of gameplay compared to 3.5, 5 or Pathfinder.
Also Not having to pay a huge amount of money, makes it feel more open. Also since its much more driven by the community, it feels more like a typical Open Source project.
And you get the odt files for all the books, which is also not the case with the commercial ones.

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I'm unfamiliar with the BX ruleset. Link?

I can 100% stand by projects that are more community driven, and Openwashing is totally a thing, but I think it's important to mention that both the 3.x and 5.x D&D rulesets are Free.

@emacsen @cfenollosa

Yeah sure, we wouldnt have many community driven rpg projects if dnd 3.5 and 5 werent open. But since they closed down 4 again, realised that then players went to other games, where they can create their fan content without having a lawyer knocking at their door and then released 5 open again, makes it feel much like a "if we dont do it we wont make money" move.

Wasn't there even a librelounge episode on the whole dnd thing?!

@draisinen_dieter @cfenollosa

There was indeed, with my friend Sean. That reminds me that he owes me a game for his new podcast (which I'll recommend when it comes out).

I'll be posting a bit on gaming stuff. I'm running a new game based on an old system (MSH), and there is a Free version, (Phase 4) but there wasn't enough Free material for me to make good use of it without doing a ton of work myself.

@emacsen @draisinen_dieter very interesting! I was not aware that 3.5 was free.

In the end, what defines a game is the lore, as most systems are some variation of d20 or d100 rolls. That’s where dnd excels.

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