🐘 If you tried Mastodon and you "got bored" quickly, you were using it wrong.

Here's how to fix it:

@cfenollosa How do you juggle multiple interests / hobbies / communities then? Signing up on each one separately is impractical.

@nilesh @cfenollosa

That'd be cool, I like how small/niche these communities are. but bouncing around I don't understand yet.

@cfenollosa @jawmes I think, the decision of which instance to sign up on should be based primarily on who the admins are and what their rules are, rather than a topic which is perhaps best solved via hashtags, lists/groups etc. Not everyone interested in a topic should be forced/encouraged to choose a single instance. This is just centralisation all over again. @binyamin

That's an interesting point @nilesh. I don't want to be bouncing around either, but I do want to "subscribe" to other local feeds. This could be easily solved if every post from each instance had a hashtag of the instance: #fosstodon. However that would be very noisy and that's Metadata that's available anyway. I wonder if that can be a client-side feature... What do you think @Tusky?
@cfenollosa @jawmes @binyamin

@nilesh @cfenollosa I totally feel that. I don't want to have to ignore a new interest of mine.

@binyamin @nilesh I think you're taking that decision too seriously. Take a look at each community and join the one where you feel the most comfortable! :)

@cfenollosa hi! This is a great post I would like to translate into Russian, but it is licensed as no-derivatives. May I get your permission to do that?

@cfenollosa I joined fosstodon today after reading this and I feel right at home :)

Pedagogía fediversal :) 

@cfenollosa Hola :) Entiendo que la intención es hacer pedagogía. Al lío, pues…

>If you tried Mastodon O no. ¿Y si te da por probar Pleroma? Esto es el #fediverso , una federación y el Mastadonte solo es uno de los programillas…

>and you “got bored” quickly Me da la sensación que subestimas el poder del diseño dopamínico intencional. Podríamos debatir sobre el “grado de culpabilidad” de las usuarias finales pero creo que perderíamos el foco…

>you were using it wrong. Me parece una frase desafortunada… Entender los ecosistemas descentralizados no es moco de pavo…

>The Local Timeline is Mastodon’s greatest invention Yo diría que “la local” ya la teníamos de antes… El Fedi tiene 12 años, Mastodon solo tiene 4 ó 5…

>How to choose the right server Jopetas… Solo promocionas al Mastadonte…

>Before clicking on “sign up”, always browse the local timeline, the about page, and the most active users list. Y a leerse el código de conducta… que luego se confunde la libertad de expresión con el derecho de admisión y se te muere la #katikornius jeje :)

Por cierto, al final del post pones tu dirección de mastodon pero es bonito y alentador visibilizarlo en nuestras webs también. Creo que quedaría mejor si te pusieras un iconito (en donde tienes los otros medios centralizados) y enlazaras a tu cuenta.

En fin, saludos y larga vida al #Fediverso

@cfenollosa So basically treat Mastadon like a Discord "server" with the option of viewing other servers for the best experience?


Great article! I was getting bored of Mastodon tbh. So it came at the right time.

@cfenollosa Great post. Totally agree that folks should not expect to migrate from Twitter, but instead make new friends.

@cfenollosa I found fosstodon on your list, checked it out and checked in. Thaks!

@cfenollosa Man this thing is massive ... gonna be fun scrounging around & learning the ropes.

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