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Want to make a bet?



Yes, it's the same people as having similar but different discussions

Hey, an active group only partially overrun by wackos!


Just look at the beauty of this hierarchy


A quick Google search indicates that apparently the Fred guy was active in the Usenet around 2005 and contributed to many flames. So maybe he made a few enemies? Or just one enemy with a lot of free time?

Remember, kids: don't get into useless arguments on the internet, you never know if the other person is a nutjob

alt.journalism.* is pestered by rush-limbaugh fans

A few of the alt.linux.* have some activity

Hey, this is a good one!

Who you'd say posts to alt.lunatics?



Got it right! rush-limbaugh fans 😂

I'm trying to hit every group whose target audience may intersect with the 2020 Usenet target audience.

e.g. linux/unix, microcontrollers, macintosh...

So far, little luck 😔

Let's continue scavenging* is pretty great too, unfortunately, all empty

🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ 🛎️ FINALLY!


1492 messages

Most of them original, non-spam


15640/66518 (23%)

Going for lunch

Will continue later!

In any case, the alt.os.linux.* hierarchy has enough traffic to justify a visit. Check out the group for your favorite distro!

There is an alt.pedophile.* full of people's names. And these are not hollywood stars, they look like regular people's. How disgusting.


There's like 150 groups with different preferences for personal ads.

I wonder if they were ever used!

There's a hierarchy of alt.planets.* with all planets and moons of the Solar System

Including, of course, alt.planets.pluto

🤚 We've reached alt.politics

Should I even try? Or will I find our usual friends?

Usual friends it is!

As a curiosity, most alt.politics posts are cross-posted to other alt.politics.* groups including, for some reason, alt.politics.homosexuality. Of course, posts have nothing to do with homosexuality. Maybe some unsolved sexual issues from posters?

Whoever created alt.religion.macarena definitely made me chuckle.

The rest of the alt.religion.* groups is, again, exactly what you'd expect.

alt.suopprt.dylsxeia 🙄

alt.survival --> our rush-limbaugh fans 🤷‍♂️

alt.time-travel is empty 😥

🛎️ is pretty active with on-topic discussions! :__)

The* hierarchy is huge, but most of the shows are not aired anymore!

aaaand with


we finish reviewing the alt.* hierarchy!

We're now at 22038/66520 (33%)

Let's continue...

The amount of commercial hierarches like borland.*, 3dfx.*, adobe.*, microsoft.* and others make me think that providing customre support in "social networks" is not new!

What a better place to centralize all support requests than a public forum that the support team monitors regularly?

The newsgroups were a great way of federating async chats. Every server could decide their retention policy, whether to carry some groups or not, filtering binaries... but it was under control of the institution and the sysadmin.

Man, this exercise is really making me nostalgic for the Usenet

And now we jump into comp.*

This is my biggest hope, let's see which groups are still alive!


Most comp.* groups have some original activity!

comp.lang.* and comp.sys.* are pretty active!

The french are also quite active, a few fr.* groups still have original messages

It seems that free.* is a wasteland, except for free.usenet which contains over 60k messages!

free.usenet seems to carry warez binaries, which have not been propagated to

Besides France, Italy is the other country with a couple alt-like hierarchies and some activity.

Back in the early 00s, the Spanish also had two of them (es.* and esp.*) and both were pretty active. I was even involved in the creation of a new group.

linux.* is mirroring some linux mailing lists, but no OC

microsoft.* has like five thousand groups, all are mostly empty except for the occasional lost poster from Google Groups

now onto misc.*

Hey, misc.* has some activity!

Let's check out net.*

Nice groups here!

Actually, most of rec.* have at least some activity


So happy!! 😍

sac.* is flooded with our rush-limbaugh fans for some reason

I had to search what sac.* meant, it seems to be Sacramento.

Here's a handy list of hierarchies:

We are near the end of our trip

57440/66520 (86%)

Onwards to sci.*

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