sci.* is pretty active!

sci.math is especially prolific

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Let's check out soc.*

Do you know who cross-posts to soc.culture.african.american?

Yeah, don't need to answer that one for you, do I?

Seeing one soc.culture.* for every nation in the world, plus one soc.culture.niggers makes me wanna puke 🤮

It seems that any politics rational discussion has fleed from Usenet. All non-technical and non-hobby groups are populated by fascists and maniacs.

THERE are some anti-fascism groups, which could be filled of left-wing nuts, but they are not.

Nobody is left to argue with racists and toxic posters

Another trick question?

How many women are posting in soc.women?

Making fun of the 20 people who cross-post their crap all over the Usenet started as a meme, but it's making me so angry right now.

soc.history.what-if has some nice content

And that's it for soc.*

Our last Big Eight will be talk.*, let's see if we can leave our rush-limbaugh fans behind

Judging by the header count, talk.* doesn't look promising... guessing we will find our friends

I'm a bit tired of listing the groups taken over by our freaky friends, so I'll only list those with good content (as in, origins of life)

End of talk.*

So depressing!

tw.* has some groups with activity, but I have no idea what they are saying, may be spam for all I know 🤷‍♂️ has some activity. Progressive discussions? Nope! Our usual friends

uk.d-i-y has over 7000 high-quality messages! Wow! has 5000 messages with political discussion, but they seem to be different people than the usual suspects, and they talk about UK politics has 1k messages with a bit more sane discussion. It's a mixture of politics and general news, but bearable is pretty active* is worth taking a look

oh boy, there is a full uk.politics.*

not touching these even with a stick is pretty good, a nice find

uk.railway is *very* active, I guess the british love discussing their trains 👍 700 posts WOW!!

That's the end of uk.*, a very, very positive surprise on this last part of our journey!

I wasn't super exhaustive but, in general, most of the uk.* groups had some kind of activity.

It's the most active local hierarchy by far

Wait, there is a full us.* ??

Come on, you could append `us.` in front of all non-local groups and there would be no difference!

You know what's another nice surprise?

us.politics has sane discussion

...and there's not much more in us.*

Now for the last hierarchies...

Okay, I'm so tired. Let's do a quick recap:

- I've skimmed over 66.520 newsgroups trying to find some life signals on the Usenet
- This thread contains my livefeed of hot takes and first impressions
- I will review this thread and give it proper format as a blogpost next week
- The Usenet is 95% dead, 3% politics-spammed by 20 people, 1% spam-spammed, and 1% highly active groups full of life
- You have to find that 1%, it's quite hidden

Last post of the thread.

Sorry for flooding your Mastodon timeline. I hope it was somewhat funny at least.

If you read the whole thread I'd REALLY LIKE to know your opinion. It will help me choose a good angle for the blogpost.

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Start: 11:58
End: 20:17

Signing off.

@cfenollosa I thought Usenet was just for porn .. and warez .. alt.binaries.* 😅

@djsumdog loved to download binaries from there, nowadays there are better methods ;)

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