You know Usenet is almost-dead when there is not even spam in most groups.

Spammers have decided "it's not profitable to send a few bytes to these open boards anymore" and if you think about it it's kinda sad

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Browsing the group list sure brings back memories of long gone topics:


And, of course, the alt.* groupname spamming


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I downloaded my first warez from binaries groups. Some say they're still alive and kicking on paid servers, but I think all downloads have moved to the web or p2p nowadays

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The most similar thing to newsgroups today is Reddit, and I really enjoy following some communities.

Usenet had excellent usability, but Reddit has better moderation tools.

In the end, as experts say, tools don't create communities, they just allow members to find each other.

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I'm definitely browsing the newsgroup list to see if there is anything interesting left

3301/66518 (4%)

See you in like a week

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i thought i'd check out alt.anarchism, but half of it is anti-Hillary spam and the other half is about the murder of Molly Tibbetts.


@Nikolai_Kingsley Yep, there are very very few active groups, and those are mostly populated by wackos.


i keep waiting for the Oldbies to return to talk.bizarre.

there's no indication they ever will, but i'm not going to let that stop me.

@Nikolai_Kingsley hope is the last thing one loses, they say ;)

I would honestly love a Usenet comeback. Too bad it will never happen.

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