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Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2017-12-29:

and at aNONradio:

Direct link to the recording:

Lazy downtempo & IDM. My last set(s) of the year usually sound like this. Moody.

I'm DJing on aNONradio in 30 minutes.

Tired tonight. It's time to be lazy and play some long chill-out songs. IDM or downtempo or something like that.

Listen at anonradio.net/ .

I'm DJing at Ground Kontrol in Portland, Oregon tonight. 9 PM 'till close. The games are set to Free Play tonight, so there's a $5 cover.

I'm going to take it easy and play stuff I've been doing on the radio this month.

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here's hoping 2018 is better for all of us

I'm not a person who observes Christmas, but I do have one tradition:

Every Christmas I follow the "Anon and his Waifu" threads on 4chan's anime board. People post photographs of shrines of or dinner with and/or gift exchanges with their waifu. I read it as sincere and poignant and a little sad.

Not linking to it because 4chan is as toxic as the popular perception would lead you to believe. But the thread is up and easy to find.

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2017-12-22:

and at aNONradio:

Direct link to the recording:

Old tracker mods. Chiptune, demoscene, doskpop. I play this style about once a year, always right around my birthday, to get it out of my system. I'm pretty happy with this one.

I"ll be DJing on aNONradio in about 30 minutes.

One week every December I pull out my collection of old tracker mods and have a party. This is that week, and that's what I'm doing tonight.

Chiptune, demostyle, some later IDM-y .its, and music by some old friends of mine.

Liste at anonradio.net/ .

Aw, the winter solstice is today (the 21st) this year. My birthday is tomorrow. I like it when the solstice occurs on my birthday.

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Fantastic talk/discussion on Drexciya from a gallery event in Dublin:


Just popped up on reddit's /r/electro. Listening now, super interesting, a great overview of Stinson & Donald's work.

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Amtrak Cascades fail: On the first day they rerouted the Cascades services away from Steilacoom and Tacoma Narrows Bridge (the scenic part!) in an attempt at saving a measly 6 minutes off PDX-SEA travel time, the first train derails over the I-5 and kills 6+ people.

This plan has been around for years but have been solidly opposed by local officials for safety reasons....

Sad about the train derailment between Seattle and Portland. That's a trip I've taken myself, Amtrak from Union Station in PDX up to Seattle (and back). It was a nice trip, and affordable (10 years ago, anyway).

From reading articles it seems they just changed the route to one that's faster but less safe. Maybe not a good idea...

I've spent the day rendering old tracker mods (.mod, .s3m, .xm, .it, etc...) to .wav. It really sucks.

Made worse by the fact that I know it doesn't sound right unless you use the original software (and, in some cases, the original hardware) used to compose the song.

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I picked up Nanoshock a few days ago. I love Necrotech, can't wait to dig into the sequel. :)


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Hugs to @smj. Sorry you're having to deal with all the sdf cluster problems. Hope things with that kernel bug get solved soon!

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2017-12-15:

and at aNONradio:

Direct link to the recording:

A good selection of music tonight. Detroit techno & electro, an old new wave / synthpop tune, some modern detroit-y electro. Drexciyan stuff.

I'll be DJing on aNONradio in ~30 minutes.

Going to play some fast(ish) electro-techno tonight.

Listen at anonradio.net/ .

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