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@snowdusk_ Synth Britannia! Great documentary.

@xmanmonk Oof. That's too much even for me. I don't like most of the clips, either.

The cover I've heard (and like) is the version Ann & Nancy Wilson do. There's a recording of it on Heart's "Little Queen" (1977); you can find various videos of it on youtube as well. I saw them do it live in the mid-'90s when they toured as "The Lovemongers". They also did a killer cover of Battle of Evermore on that tour.

Thinking back on it, that Lovemongers concert was amazing.

@mnw Hah, sorry man, I was talking about "Stairway To Heaven" by Led Zeppelin. Nothing obscure. I have a bad habit of listening to Zeppelin when I drink.

@xmanmonk That's amazing. The only cover I think I've heard is one The Lovemongers used to do in their live show.

20 renditions though, yeah, that's pretty crazy.

Sometimes you just need to hear Stairway. If I knew the emoji for sighing I'd use it.

"Incredible - come in three dimensions - parallel with the funky extensions. I'm Kool Keith runnin' rap conventions on time - now give the drummer some"


"One more time I wanna give the drummer some of this funky solo we got here. You don't have to do no soloin' brother just keep what you got. But turn it loose! 'Cause it's a mother."


@Ricardus Very nice. Looks good. Definitely out of my price range.

I'll have to ask my cider-loving friend if he's had any.

@Ricardus Dang. You might have me beat there. On alcohol quality alone.

This beer is really bad.

@Ricardus Mushu tofu & cheap beer.

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@mnw I've been considering doing the same thing. I really like mastodon, but I don't feel like I have anything to say.

I don't mind reading mundane daily details (blog yer lunch) or stream-of-consciousness posts, so fire away.

It's going to take me all day to tag, rename, and otherwise process this:


The complete "Dr. Futurist" and "Tactical Systems" releases by Kurt Baggaley.

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2018-02-16:

and at :

Direct link to the recording:

A lot of four-on-the-floor stuff this week. Kinda messy. Messy but fun.

I'm DJing on in 30 minutes.

Some electro, some techno. Tired tonight, so this will be a bit lazy.

Listen at anonradio.net/listen .

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holy crap, there's a big log that's been floating in Crater Lake since *1896* and it's history is *amazing*: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Man_

I might have fixed my sleep schedule. Here's hoping it lasts this time.

@satchmoz I feel the same with-respect-to KDE dependencies. Once the FreeBSD port starts to require KDE libraries, or is removed in favor of "Falkon", I'll start looking for a new browser.

@satchmoz They do, I think it was called Konqueror. There might have been another one in the KDE3 days.


"During the Akademy 2017 Konqueror BoF, the ex-maintainer of Konqueror, David Faure, proposed to integrate QupZilla into KDE in order to replace the aging Konqueror. (His reasoning is that QupZilla is already much more advanced in terms of webbrowsing features, and there is almost nobody working in Konqueror, so there is no point in duplicating efforts)."


@satchmoz QupZilla 1.8.9 is the latest version in the FreeBSD ports tree. I'm not sure why 2.x hasn't been ported.

The next major version of Qupzilla will apparently be called "Falkon" and will be a part of KDE (and presumably depend on KDE libraries). So I might be looking for another web browser in four or five years.

@satchmoz I'm using QupZilla to write this. The version I have (1.8.9) is old enough to use qtwebkit; the latest in the 2.0 series uses qtwebengine.

I don't know how long I'll be able to continue using it. I suspect the 1.x series doesn't receive much attention.