The Mission / Wasteland

From Sisters to The Mission. I had to do it.

I don't know The Mission very well. Posting Wasteland since it has a video and it opens their first LP.


I present to you a small selection of bass CD covers.

@sparcipx Agreed. I like every track on it. And it works as an album, listening to it in one sitting.

The Sisters Of Mercy / Black Planet

Really feeling their first album "First And Last And Always" today.

Discogs indicates that Doktor Avalanche, their drum machine, was an Oberheim DMX for this album. Love the sound of it here.

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good morning

I am a shining ribbon, a moon's breath parting oceans of blood and porcelain.

#gothtober #fediplay

(by the implacable and wonderful @eris)

My buddy DRXT (AKA DJ Megaphysics AKA Phase4Stereo) released a new mix today.

He's been working on it for a few months. It's been fun to brainstorm track ideas with him down at the arcade. Super excited for this one.

Check it out:


I agree completely with your first point. Also agree with your second point... I've seen it both ways (and have been responsible for both, sadly).

I wonder to what degree the VM/container/cloud technology became popular because it lowered the barrier of entry for Windows sysadmins. That's kind of a nasty gatekeeper-y thing to think, though.

Thank you for linking that article.

Black tea at midnight.

My sleep schedule is wrecked.

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Lainchan is essentially doomed since the civil war, r/cyberpunk only has neon lights, and don't even mention 8chan /cyb/. So I decided to browse this forum instead... The good is there are a million posts to read and no shitposting at all. Unfortunately no external resources is accessible, and nobody is going to reply me.

Feels like trapping inside the 3D Hologram created by the supercomputer in the abandoned space station in Otomo Katsuhiro's Memories.

Ministry / All Day

EBM, not goth exactly (unless you flip this record over...), but give me a few tracks in here while I scheme.

All day
In life, there's just one transition
All day
In life, there's just one decision

Nine Inch Nails / Sin

It comes down to this
Your kiss
Your fist
And your strain
That gets under my skin
Take in the extent of my sin

I just finished reading "Skin" by Kathe Koja.

It's a mean, hungry, sometimes repulsive book about love and obsession. It's shelved with the horror but there's nothing supernatural here.

Really strong stuff. Beautiful, brutal, wrenching prose.

A significant chunk of the book is about body modification. Read a synopsis and think carefully before reading the book.

I loved it. I probably should not have read it right now.

Sorry, I can't help myself here. This is what I think of when I think of the word "techno":

Robert Hood / The Pace

Machines Of Loving Grace / Butterfly Wings

Don't place faith in human beings
Human beings are unreliable things

Tracklist for Movement Through Thought on 2018-10-12:

and at :

Direct link to the mp3:

Some electro, some italo, some synthpop. Good tracks, slightly goofy arrangement. Managed to play The Soft Moon, Tz0tzilla, and Squadra Blanco in the same set, which is kind of cool.

Movement Through Thought on starts in 30 minutes.
The program airs every Friday 06:30 to 07:30 UTC.

I'm playing spooky stuff tonight. Dutch electro & disco-y stuff, a few recent purchases (Solitary Dancer...), etc.

Listen at .

Strawberry Switchblade / SInce Yesterday

And as we sit here alone
Looking for a reason to go on
It's so clear that all we have now
Are our thoughts of yesterday

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one of my favorite performances is back on youtube!!!

i'm gonna tag this #gothtober

please watch it, i seriously adore this

marionette- akina nakamori

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